Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions?  Here are some common ones.  If you need more help feel free to contact us.

They are 18″x10.5″, the street number are 4″ tall in order to meet or exceed your local requirements.

Emergencies happen.  When a situation arises when seconds count your Fire Safe Sign will help first responders do their job faster.  Simply put, this saves lives and property.  Knowing what resources are available on a property could not only help save your property but your neighbors as well.  Your sign also has non-emergency applications.  Expecting a delivery?  Now the driver will know if they can make it down your driveway or not.

Each Fire Safe Sign is custom.  We make it for you here in the USA.  We use the best materials available (like a street sign) and your Fire Safe Sign should last many years.  A portion of our profits goes to support various first responder causes.  Since we started this business to help, to be a public service, profit was never at the forefront of our goals.  We have been heavily affected by inflation and supply chain issues.  As this starts to settle and Fire Safe Signs become standard for homeowners we see our retail coming down as well.

Are they expensive in general?  We look at your Fire Safe Sign as cheap insurance.  Giving first responders vital information so they can assist more quickly in an emergency is truly priceless.  The life they save could be yours.

With your Made in the USA, custom reflective sign you will receive:

  • 1 Registration/Annual sticker (2 if you order a double-sided sign) that you can renew annually. This lets first responders know your information is current.
  • 1 Instruction/Tips card
  • 2 Fire Safe Sign’s business cards to help spread the word (Thanks!)
  • 2 Easy peel “Evacuated” stickers, just in case you need them.

We gave this a lot of thought.  Fire Safe Signs are great but they have to be current in order to be fully useful.  A first responder can respond more confidently and swiftly if the information on your Fire Safe Sign seems accurate.  Having an annual renewal sticker tells a first responder that you as a property owner have given the information on Your Fire Safe Sign some recent thought and possible action (ie: cutting back trees for access .)   We send you a friendly reminder every year and you can purchase an annual renewal sticker for $9. (Not required)  With your order, you will also receive two new “Evacuated” stickers.

If the information on your sign changes you can simply order a new sign and you will get a new annual renewal sticker with it.

Your Fire Safe Sign should last many years.  We use the same materials that are used for street signs.  Your Fire Safe Sign comes with a two-year warranty against manufacturing defects.  This includes:  fading, chipping, and peeling (mounting points are exempted from the warranty.)  If you have an issue please contact us and we will take care of it.

Your Fire Safe Sign comes with two mounting holes (top and bottom, centered.)  This is a great option if you are mounting your single-sided sign to a wood post or fence.  If not, we do offer a very versatile bracket (sold in pairs for proper support) that allows you to mount it to a round pole, a post, or a fence.  This bracket can be used on any side of the sign to suit your mounting needs and is perfect for a double-sided sign. It comes with set screws so you do not have to drill additional holes.  You can simply add these brackets to your Fire Safe Sign order or you can pick them up separately here.  Note:  If you use a bracket with set screws please do not over tighten it.  Doing so will damage the protective layer on your sign and is not covered by the warranty.

Each Fire Safe Sign is custom to your property.  With that in mind, we only accept returns for manufacturing defects.  If you have an issue with your sign please contact us.